About Us

Who are we?
Shanghai Aha New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in shanghai, China.

What do we do?
We concentrate on man-made wood industry. Our main business covers Fiber board, MDF, Partial board, OSB, etc.

what is our principal?
Our aim is to provide the more healthy products and more convenience for you in the whole process of your purchasing. There are thousands of wood materials factories and countless service companies here.

Why to choose us?
Because we provide the more suitable products for you。Because we make every process clear for you. Because we deal with every issue more efficient for you.

Life is limited.
The persons we met in a life span is also countable.
So we cherish those each meeting.We respect the time of each customer.

You are important for us.
We want to your YES!
Just try and contact us. Try and see if what we can give you or not.

How to contact us?
[email protected]
[email protected]