Oct.2018 27
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Recent New Changes in Wood-based Panel Market
Recent New Changes in Wood-based Panel Market of China
Recent New Changes in Wood-based Panel Market

1. Market survey shows that the recent construction template market has accelerated. Distributors reported that this week's market for building template has improved significantly compared with last week. The main reason is that some new factories in the Pearl River Delta region have recently started construction, and buyers' demand for building template has increased significantly. However, there are also businessmen reflect that although the current market has been in a tight market, but near the end of the year, some of the project returns have not been collected, the next time the businessmen will make more efforts in the recovery of accounts. At this stage, the Guangdong market 1220 *2440 *18mm building template merchants offer 100-150 RMB per sheet.

2. The market of high-grade lacquer-free decorative panels has rebounded. Reporters visited the wood-based panel market to learn that the recent high-end paint-free ecological board gradually regained popularity. According to market sources, although many high-end decoration projects are nearing the end of the year, many engineers are still very strict in material selection. However, high-grade lacquer-free decorative panels are not only waterproof and beautiful, but also very suitable for decorating high-grade places, which has won the favor of many designers. At present, some high-grade lacquer-free decorative panels manufacturers in Guangxi have filled their orders. At this stage, the Guangdong market 1220 *2440 *18mm decorative board merchants offer 150-200 RMB per sheet.

3. Green straw wood-based panels have attracted the attention of the industry. Recently, straw wood-based panels and their products have attracted the attention and exchanges of various industries. Industry analysts believe that the straw wood-based panels and products industry is a green industry, a sunrise industry, but also a rich industry. In order to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of timber, China still relies on imported timber while planting plantations extensively and cultivating large-diameter precious timber vigorously. In terms of wood saving and substitution, it has gradually developed from steel instead of wood and plastic instead of wood to short-cycle biomass materials (such as bamboo and shrub) instead of wood, and straw is a high-quality substitute. Straw products play an active role in alleviating the contradiction between wood supply and demand, building a conservation-oriented society and an innovative society, and have broad prospects and market space.